About TCFC

The Tangkhul Co-ordination Forum for Covid19 (TCFC) is a body formed under the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) in liaison with the District Administration as a community-based disaster management body to oversee matters concerning Covid19 in Ukhrul District. The TCFC members and stakeholders consist of the representatives from Tangkhul CSOs, Church Associations, NGOs, ATMA, District Administration, Medical Department, the Police Force, ADCs, MLAs, and local based organisations. The TCFC body is to be in place until the Covid19 pandemic situation is under control.

Currently, there are over 200 IQC and CQC under the co-ordination of the TCFC.

Under the TCFC, certain decisions are taken in regard to Covid19 that would be applicable to the district, in consultation with the central/state notices concerning the same. Among its chief roles include:

  • Co-ordinating with the returnees and the concerned Assembly Constituencies for smooth functioning of Institutional Quarantine Centres (IQC)
  • Co-ordinating with the returnees and the concerned village authorities for a smooth functioning of Community Quarantine Centres (CQC)
  • Addressing the grievances of the returnees in IQC and CQC
  • Addressing the grievances of individuals stranded outside the state on matters concerning Covid19
  • Co-ordinating with Tangkhul Organisations in major cities across the country on matters concerning Covid19

Up to date, TCFC has been able to-

  • Partner with counselling centres to provide counselling services to the returnees at various Quarantine Centres.
  • Recruit 16 trained nurses and a lab technician as Covid19 warriors (in coordination with the Medical Department) who have been actively working at the Covid Care Centre and sample collection from various QCs.

The TCFC also has its Imphal based wing to oversee the hospitality services that are/would be rendered to the returnees screened at Imphal, and visit Tangkhul returnees staying at IQC in Imphal and Kangpokpi.

All printing works are being overseen and executed with and by the ATMA members.


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